Friday, October 17, 2014


Most of the time I sleep ok, while other times I have trouble. For the past three days, I haven't been sleeping very well. When I finally do get to sleep, the next day, I feel as if I went through the night laying there awake with my eyes closed the whole night. This happens once and awhile, but last night was different... I closed my eyes and instantly went to sleep. In the morning, I woke up feeling as if wanted to go back to sleep... but I didn't, I got up and actually felt pretty good. Sleep is SO important and I can definitely feel a BIG difference when I do get more of it. Here's the tricky part though, sometimes I feel sleepy if I sleep too much and have more energy (still sleepy) when I don't sleep enough. I kind of have to hit that good medium and last night I did... Cheers to good sleep! Zzzzzz

Things I do that help me sleep:
  • Drink decaffeinated tea- My favorite teas, at the moment, are Rooibos and Chamomile tea.
  • Keep regular sleep habits- Like a baby... I too need to stay on a sleeping schedule, if not it throws me off.
  • Keep the bedroom dark, quiet, and cool. 
  • Avoid daytime naps- If I feel like I'm getting sleepy during the day, I set the alarm to avoid over sleeping. 
  • Exercise- Exercising regularly can improve sleep, although I try to avoid exercising too close to bedtime. Exercising right before bed causes stimulation, which can keep me up. 
  • Relax-  Some activities that help me relax are to stretch, listen to soft music, use a heating pad and/or take a hot shower.
  • Wind-down- Avoid anything that requires too much stimulation before bed. (working on this)
-Some foods have natural substances in them, which can promote a good nights sleep.
Here is a link, where you can learn more about 10 foods that help with sleep...

-If you have trouble sleeping sometimes, as I do, try these techniques.. they may help! =)
What are some things you do to help you sleep?

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