Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Food Cravings

Mmmmm that cookie looks good! :D

During my first Rheumatology appointment, the doctor prescribed me iron and vitamin D supplements. He also recommended that I take a multivitamin on top of that because I am most likely deficient in other vitamins, as well. I visited my local health food store and purchased a multivitamin in a liquid form. (I like to buy liquid or powdered supplements because they are known to absorb easier and faster). I bought Nature's Plus Source of Life Gold Liquid. It was so EXPENSIVE... but was supposed to be a good one. I continued to take it for two weeks. It was a great multivitamin, but one thing continued to bother me. I was recently diagnosed with mild Lupus and in the past I have read this about Spirulina (Blue-green algae) ...
“Auto-immune diseases” such as multiple sclerosis (MS), lupus (systemic lupus erythematosus, SLE), rheumatoid arthritis (RA), pemphigus vulgaris (a skin condition), and others: Blue-green algae might cause the immune system to become more active, and this could increase the symptoms of auto-immune diseases. If you have one of these conditions, it’s best to avoid using blue-green algae." ( I didn't feel comfortable in continuing to take it daily, so I stopped for a couple of weeks.

During those two weeks, I noticed that I was craving a lot of sweets and carbs! Just recently, I started taking another multivitamin (Garden of Life Vitamin Code Liquid). This multivitamin has everything I need in it without Spirulina, which is a plus. Once I started taking it, I noticed that my cravings have subsided once again. This had me thinking, "hmmm... those cravings must be coming from my deficiencies." I read some information and found that it could be one of the reasons I am having these cravings.

-If you are having cravings for certain foods, this might be one of the causes for you, as well.

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