I want to share these stretches with you! The first page is a group of stretches I learned from physical therapy and the next three pages are stretches my brother Arthur shared with me to help loosen my tense muscles. They work great! I do these stretches 1-2 times a day and it really helps. I didn't have time for stretching before I started experiencing chronic pain, but now I make time! Take a look and maybe try some of them, you never know they might help you as well...

P.S. sorry about the oil stains... I figure it gives them character..


  1. I think stretching and other body work is so important when you have a chronic illness. Massage and stretching and hydrotherapy work better for me that anything else to help my pain levels. Thanks for this great post

    1. Your welcome : ) I agree, it has definitely played a big part in reducing the pain. Thank you for commenting! =)